Flat Stanley swimming with the Clown Fish in Thailand.

Flat Stanley is a wonderful children's book written by Jeff Brown. It is the first in a series of books featuring Stanley Lambchop. However, Flat Stanley is not just a book character. He has become much more than that. **The Flat Stanley Project** has become a global project stretching around the world. By sending Flat Stanley to people around the globe it has become a means to connect people and in an authentic way find an audience for student learning. Flat Stanley has become a global citizen and is helping bring students, parents, families and Flat People of all kinds together. Stafford second graders are excited to be a part of this project!

Flat Stanley attends the Academy Awards with actor/director Clint Eastwood.

In second grade we are learning all about the importance of sharing our learning and collaborating with others. We are exploring using Wikispaces as a tool to help us share our learning and inspire each other to learn more. So, welcome to our wiki!
Flat Stanley meets President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama at his first black tie affair.

Flat Stanley has had many adventures in his life, and has traveled many places in the world. Whether swimming with Clown Fish in Thailand, attending the Academy Awards in Hollywood, California, visiting the president of the United States of America in Washington DC, or talking with with the troops in the Middle East, Stanley Lambchop is always making friends, asking questions and learning about the world around him. Stanley has become a global citizen and is helping to connect people from all over the globe. Stanley is a natural at helping students learn about geography as he travels the globe and students can follow him on **Google Earth** and Google Schribble Maps.

Flat Stanley talking with the troops.

This time Flat Stanley is visiting Stafford Primary School in search of Great People in History. He heard that the second grade classes were doing research for this social studies unit and he wants to hear all about it.


We have been looking at the character traits of great people by reading their biographies and examining their lives.Mrs. Amri's Class

We are also examining ourselves and our own lives, and looking to see if we have these character traits in ourselves as well.Mrs. Dargen's Class
We will share some of our research, and then end our writing with a questions or two for you to answer. Mrs. Fordyce's Class
We look forward to this new way of sharing our learning and working together!Mrs. Wilhelm's Class

Meet our great people!


This is Albert Einstein.He is a great scientist.His creativity and inventiveness helped him in his studies.Did you know that he received the Nobel Peace Prize in physics?By RossMrs. Amri's Class
Albert Einstein was born in Germany on March 14th, 1879.Did you know he is considered a genius?By CristianMs. Dargen's Class
Did you know that Einstein struggled in school when he was young? He showed perseverance and determination to succeed, and later became a passionate student. By Mrs. Amri

This is Florence Nightingale.She is a nurse.She showed compassion by helping the sick.Did you know she changed the way hospitals treated patients?By MeganMrs. Amri's Class
She helped the sick from the Crimean's hospitals.She was the first woman to be a nurse who cared about the patients.Did you know she gave her patients bells so they could call her if they needed help?By MateaMrs. Fordyce's Class


This is Mother Theresa.


This is Orville Wright.He was an amazing inventor.He invented the first manned-powered airplane.Did you know he invented the multiplication tables on a calculator?By NevinMrs. Amri's Class

This is Wilbur Wright.Wilbur was Orville Wright's older brother.He also invented the first airplane.Did you know that he wanted to become an educator?By Steven N.Mrs. Fordyce's Class

This is Amelia Earhart.She is an aviator.She was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.She showed that women could do amazing things.By Hannah Mrs. Amri's Class
She was very smart.She was courageous.She showed perseverance to reach her goals.By Sarah Mrs. Amri's Class
She always did what she wanted to do and no one could stop her.She was always very curious and like to experiment.She was very hard working.By EliseMrs. Wilhelm's Class

This is Theodore Roosevelt.He was the 26th president of the United States of America.By Liam SchauerMrs. Amri's Class
He made the national parks.He loved nature and wanted to take care of it.By Jay ThomasMrs. Amri's Class
He helped make the Panama Canal.Ships used to have to go around South America to from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean before this.He stopped the Spanish American War.By Ben SchauerMrs. Wilhelm's Class


This is Helen Keller.She was able to learn to read, write and speak even though she was deaf and blind.She could hear people singing by putting her hand on her ear.By AsiaMs. Dargen's Class
She is a great person because she was the first person to graduate from college being blind and deaf.She was also a teacher of deaf and blind children.She could tell what people are saying by reading lips.By Brookie Mrs. Amri's Class
She worked very hard in school. She had to be courageous to not give up hope in her life because she was deaf and blind.By GraceMrs. Fordyce's Class


This is George Washington. He was the first president of the United States of America.He was the leader of 2 wars.He was a very honest man, butthe cherry tree story was really a lie.By SavannahMrs. Dargen's Class

George Washington had to show grit because it was not easy to be the first president of the United States.He was very smart. He really liked math and surveying.He had a positive attitude.By Cecelia GrannumMrs. Amri's Class


This is Neil Armstrong.
He studies aerospace engineering.
In school he was always a good listener.
He was the first man on the moon.
He was very brave.
By Jacob
Mrs. Fordyce's Class

He was an engineer and a scientist.In school he was always a good listener.He worked for NASA as an astronaut.He showed grit, and was very curious about the moon.By Ronen Mrs. Amri's Class


This is Harriet Tubman.She was a slave from birth.She saved over 300 slaves and never lost a passenger on the Underground Railroad.The Underground Railroad is a trail to the northern states that led slaves to freedom.The people who lived in the houses that helped hide the slaves were called conductors.By Devri Mrs. Fordyce's Class
She was very strong, and showed grit in her life.She had to persevere through very difficult situations.She was very brave.She was called a conductor on the Underground Railroad.By Hannah Mrs. Amri's Class

She had a very positive attitude.She worked very hard to get freedom for the slaves.She was a nurse in the army.She also was a Christian and her faith helped make her strong.By VictoriaMrs. Wilhelm's Class

This is Jane Goodall.She studied chimps for over 40 years.Her friend was the one who invited her to go to Kenya and recommended that she meet Dr. Louis Leeky who studied fossils. He invited her to go to Africa to study chimps.She was very curious and a hard worker.By PaigeMrs. Amri's Class
She helped to keep the chimp population healthy.She worked very hard to get an education so she could follow her dream to go to Africa.She had a positive attitude which helped her in her studies in school.She was very smart.By JennaMrs. Wilhelm's Class


This is Jacque Cousteau.

This is Ben Franklin.


This is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


This is Arnold Palmer.


This is Pocahontas.


This is Leonardo da Vinci.


This is Thomas Edison.